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All is well. So you read like a. But maybe you're still confused about how actions work.

A lot is happening in the action system of D&D 5e. And it's easy to get lost in the little things.

So in this article we cover:

  1. What are bonus promotions
  2. How are the reactions
  3. What are free promotions
  4. Some frequently asked questions about stocks

Come on.

What is an action in 5e?

Fundamentals of D&D 5e Actions: A Detailed Guide | roleplayer respite (1)

The important things first; Let's define an action in D&D 5e.

An action is the main thing you do in your combat turn.Each character can take an action on their turn.. Normally you only have one action per turn. But there are certain features like the Fighter's Surge action that add more to your character.

page 192 noPlayer's manualit is atCombat Actions section in DnD BeyondCondition:

"When performing your action on your turn, you may perform any of the actions [listed], an action given to you by your class or special trait, or an action you improvise."

What does that mean for you?

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This means you need to know what actions are available to your character. Each player character has access to a pre-designed list of actions. And they can improvise actions. However, each class has specific action options that are unique to them. So make sure you know what your character can do with their action.

consequencesStock listis available to all characters (p. 192,PHB):

  • attack:Perform an attack against a target
  • Enchant:Cast a trick or spell
  • Special feature:Double your movement speed this turn
  • Deactivate:Avoid attacks of opportunity against you this turn
  • Evade:Disadvantage attacks against you this turn
  • Help:Before the start of your next turn, grant an ally an advantage on the next skill check
  • Hide:Make a Dexterity (Stealth) check to break line of sight to a target
  • Prepare:Hold an action to use it as a reaction before beginning your next turn
  • Search for:Find something on the battlefield
  • Use an object:Manipulate a nearby object, e.g. B. a lever or knob

How do actions work in D&D 5e?

Now, when it's your turn, say what action you want to take. Your Dungeon Master (DM) will ask you to roll a 20-sided die (d20) if the action requires a roll. You then add any modifiers to the roll to come up with the total. And finally, you determine the outcome of your action.

Recall:You only have one action per turn(except external factors). So pay attention to what's happening on other people's trains and plan ahead.

dungeon solverIt has a great chart showing the basic things you can do on your turn.

Fundamentals of D&D 5e Actions: A Detailed Guide | roleplayer respite (2)

With the stocks out of the way, let's move on to the bonus stocks.

What are Free Shares at 5e?

Fundamentals of D&D 5e Actions: A Detailed Guide | roleplayer respite (3)

Now bonus actions work a little differently than normal actions.

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That's the deal; Your character can perform a bonus action only if specifically stated in the description. Not everyone gets a bonus promotion. But if you have a trait or spell that lets you choose one, you can use a bonus action and an action on your turn.

If your character has traits or spells that use a bonus action, you can do so on your turn. They explain what you're doing and follow the other steps you normally take with actions.

Again, make sure you know what your character can do as a bonus action.

How many bonus actions per round in D&D 5e?

So how many bonus shares can you have on 5e?

Unlike stocks where certain features can give you more;You only have one bonus action per turn. You cannot perform two or more bonus actions. And there are no features in the 5e that offer more.

Now some players have asked me if you can use a bonus promotion as a promotion.And no, you cannot perform a bonus action as an action under the rules.

Some of them also asked me about a bonus promotion. Unfortunately, you cannot perform a bonus action with the Ready action. Mainly because it takes an action to prepare something. And since you can't use a bonus promotion like a normal promotion, it makes sense.

Next; Let's move on to the last type of "official" action: reactions.

What are 5e reactions?

Fundamentals of D&D 5e Actions: A Detailed Guide | roleplayer respite (4)

The final type of action in D&D 5e is reaction.

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Reactions are special actions and bonus actions. you can only take onein reaction(do you understand where the name comes from?) to something else. Also, you only have one reaction per turn. And it will resetStart of your next turn.

That's the deal; Reactions are not as uncommon as they seem.

Do you remember the ready action? This allows youRecord an action to use as a reaction when a specific trigger occurs.

Attacks of opportunity are a type of reaction that anyone can have. In addition, certain spells, such asSign, has a release time of a reaction. Even better;You can use the ready action to cast a spell in response.

Now you usually use your reaction when it's someone else's turn. An enemy is attacking you or you are waiting to help an ally. But,You can use your reaction on your turnas long as you meet the criteria for use.

can you get more reactions

No, you cannot get more reactions for your character. As with bonus promotions, you only get one per spin.

Although this is the last marked action in D&D 5e, many in the community use a different one; free actions.

What are free actions in 5e?

Fundamentals of D&D 5e Actions: A Detailed Guide | roleplayer respite (5)

That's the deal;Free shares aren't really shares.

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What we call free actions are minor interactions that your character can perform on their turn. These usually involve small tasks that you perform while moving or alongside another action. These include opening a door, picking up a small item, pulling a torch from the wall, and others on page 190 of thePHB.

Basically everything that does not require testing or is feasible due to the environment. This is often at the discretion of your GM. Don't ask if something is a free promotion (DMsHassWhat). However, you can check if you want your character to use its action.

Well, that doesn't mean you can do a thousand things at once (I'm overdoing it, work with me here).

Usually you can still just do thata free action/interaction on your turn. This varies from GM to GM but is generally the rule.

Frequently asked questions about D&D 5e promotions

With all of this, you might have some doubts about the different types of promotions that are available to you.

To help you, here is a list of frequently asked questions to address your potential concerns.

How long does an action last in 5e?
There is no set time for actions.
now oneturnin D&D it takes 6 seconds. So you can say that every action your character takes takes a fraction of 6 seconds divided between them.
Is picking up a weapon an action in 5e?
No, picking up a weapon is not an action. It is actually counted as an interaction (or free action).So if your master doesn't suck, you can take the sword with no consequences...or, you know, maybe. Unless you're cursed... or trapped.
Is drawing or sheathing a weapon an action?
Do not. Holstering or drawing the weapon are not actions.Again, they count as free actions.
Well, some DMs might only allow you to draw or hide your weapon. As the rules say, only you canone interaction per turn, they may not allow you to do both. Ask your DM
Is movement a bonus action?
Do not. Movement in D&D 5e is not a bonus action.In fact, movement is not an action at all. It's something your character can do on their turn, barring external factors or conditions.
Can you use a bonus action and a reaction?
Assuming you have spells or abilities that allow this,Yes. You can take a bonus action and a reaction on your turn.But remember: you must have a resource using one of them.
Is withdrawal a bonus action?
Not; Deploy is not a bonus action.By default, Disengage uses its full action. Now there are certain features like thatSly action of the villain, allow you to perform it as a bonus action. But most of the time you have to use your action to do it.
Can villains attack as a bonus action?
Actually yes. And it's not just limited to villains.
Any class can attack as a bonus action.when wielding two weapons with the Light attribute AND using the Attack action.Your character must meet these requirements to attack your bonus action. So it's more like using the Attack action gives you a second attack.
Now, if your character doesn't choose two-weapon combat as their fighting style, don't add the appropriate skill modifier (Strength or Dexterity).unless it's negative. So keep that in mind when attacking like this.
Do villains get two bonus actions?
Do not. Rogues and all other classes do not get two bonus actions.And according to the rules, there is no way to get two bonus shares.
Can a cantrip be a bonus promotion?
Now that's an interesting question.Because yes, a cantrip can be a bonus action.If it is casting time, state it as such. However, most cantrips are full actions, with a few exceptions..Cantrips work like spells where some are full actions while others are bonus actions. Additionally, the caster's Hasted Spell metamagic option can turn a Cantrip action into a bonus action. But that is class specific.
IT ISword of healinga bonus promotion?
Sim,word of healingit is a bonus promotion.So your action is free for a trick or something else.
can you transmitmystical explosionAs a bonus promotion?
Yes, you can run the warlock cheatmystical explosionas a bonus promotionwhen you multiclass in Sorcerer and get the Quickened Spell Metamagic.Otherwise startmystical explosionspends your action.

Well, that's it for the basics of D&D 5e Actions.

So now you should know:

  • What are the actions in D&D
  • How bonus promotions work
  • How reactions work
  • What are the free actions/interactions
  • And answers to some common stock questions

I hope this has helped clear any doubts. If you have more, please leave a comment. I would like to help.

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