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What is a tracking number?

A tracking number is a specific number assigned to each package before it is shipped. This number acts as a unique identification code and allows customers to track and trace their order from the point of departure (warehouse, storage center ...) to the final destination.
The tracking number is usually printed as a barcode that can be read via a barcode reader or even smartphones. There are international tracking numbers and also tracking numbers that can only be verified in the country where the sender is located. Regardless of the tracking number type, Ship24 can track your package and give you information about its status and current location.

Where can I find my tracking number?

Normally, after making a purchase on a marketplace or other website, an email will be sent to your mailbox to confirm the purchase. In this email you will usually find summary information about the product you just purchased, its price and other characteristics, but most importantly in this confirmation you will find the tracking number.
If you can no longer find this e-mail or have not received it, you can still contact the parcel sender. Since it's the sender who assigns a tracking number to the package, they certainly have the information you're looking for.

How many digits does a tracking number have?

The tracking number format is different for each courier company. In fact, companies have their own code system, which is a mix of letters and numbers. It's possible to find spaces or dashes between letters and numbers, but this is rare. Each character has a specific meaning, for example, the first digits can represent the courier company, other digits the location, etc. Typically, tracking numbers can consist of 8 to 40 characters.
Here are some examples of tracking number formats for different international courier companies:

  • UPS

Typically, UPS tracking numbers are 18 characters long and most often begin with "1Z". UPS tracking numbers that do not start like this are tracking numbers for air waybills and international air waybills.

  • Fedex

FedEx Express tracking numbers are typically 12 digits of the tracking number and FedEx Ground tracking numbers are 15 digits. In both cases there are no letters.

  • dhl

DHL tracking numbers don't have letters, they usually consist of 10 or 11 digits. DHL Express tracking numbers consist of only 10 digits (e.g. 1234567890) or start with "000", "JJD01", "JJD00" or "JVGL" (e.g. JD0166666666).

  • USPS

USPS tracking numbers are usually longer and usually consist of 20 to 22 digits with no letters. USPS Express Mail tracking numbers are 13 characters starting with 2 capital letters and ending with 2 capital letters "US".

Postal services also assign tracking numbers to packages. Some of them have very recognizable tracking numbers. For example:

  • PostNL tracking numbers always end with the capital letters “NL”.
  • At Singapore Post, tracking numbers end with the two capital letters "SG".
  • China Post can identify the end of the tracking number by the two letters "CN".

What is an order number?

An order number, also known as an order number or order ID, is a number that identifies a purchase or an order placed by a buyer. Marketplaces and e-commerce sites assign an order number to each order for tracking purposes. This number is also useful for the seller if he wants to know details such as the shipping date, the payment terms or, for example, the shipping status. Order numbers also serve the purpose of secrecy, where the real name of the buyer is not used, but a number that acts as a means of identification.

How many digits does an order number have?

As for the tracking numbers, the order numbers are different for each courier company. Sometimes people confuse tracking numbers and order numbers because both are made up of digits. In the meantime, you should know that spaces or dashes are very rare to find in a tracking number. If you see these characters, most of the time it is an order number, but there are some exceptions. An Amazon US order number can have the following format: 111-9244735-1237858. Here we see 17 digits of the serial number separated by two dashes.
If you are unsure which number is the Amazon tracking number, you can copy and paste both into the search bar on the Ship24 homepage. For tracking number, you will get tracking details of your package. If it shows "Not Found", it is not the tracking number.

Can I track a package with the order number?

Usually not. The tracking number and the order number are two different numbers. Buyers can only track their package thanks to a tracking number, it is not possible to track a package using the order number. When copying and pasting a number into the Ship24 homepage search bar, make sure it is the tracking number and not the order number. If you see "Not found" after entering the number and clicking the blue and white arrow on Ship24, it can most often be because you entered the order number instead of the tracking number.
Ship24 and even other tracking platforms or courier companies' tracking pages cannot track a package with an order number, the tracking number is required.
If you think you entered the correct tracking number but it says "Not Found", you can contact the seller or online retailer you made your purchase from to double check. Sometimes you may have to wait 1 or 2 days after your order has shipped for the tracking details to be available on Ship24.
Asos Market order numbers are an exception. In fact, for your orders coming from this site, it is possible to track them with the tracking number and the order number. Asos order numbers consist of 9 digits (e.g.: 123456789).

What is the difference between tracking number, order number, consignment number and reference number?

Sometimes there can be confusion between the different names. We can basically divide these words into 3 different groups:

  • Tracking number and shipment number:

The tracking number and the shipping numbers are the same, they allow the buyer to track the package.

  • Order number, order number and order ID:

These three words are the same, they identify a purchase made by the buyer and allow the seller to find details about the shipment (date, payment terms, status...).

  • Reference number:

It is a number assigned to a financial transaction. This number helps the seller identify transactions.

shipping number and tracking numberOrder number, order number and order IDreference number
Allow buyers to track their packageAllow the seller to find information about the shipment (date, payment terms, status...)Help the seller identify financial transactions

Can I track my order on Alibaba?

After selecting the " Packages" or " Air Express" option, you can visit the Internet to track your shipment. There are a few options you can choose for Alibaba order tracking. Tracking your order on Alibaba may not be the easiest solution. There are few options you can choose for tracking your order on Alibaba and one of the best is Ship24. You just need to enter your Alibaba tracking number in the search bar on the home page and you will get all the necessary information about the status of your package, its current location and next steps for delivery.

How do I find my tracking number on AliExpress?

You must enter your profile and go to the "My Orders" section. Then just select the order you want to track. A Track Order button will appear next to the order in question. If you hover over it, you will see the pop-up with the AliExpress tracking number, not the AliExpress order number. Once you have your AliExpress Tracking Number, tracking your AliExpress package is easy.

Why can't I track my Amazon package?

Sometimes, when you try to track your Amazon package on Amazon website, your Amazon order tracking information may not be available due to some reasons:

  • Sometimes it can be because sellers forgot to provide Amazon order tracking information.
  • Maybe because the first scan of the package is not done until it is delivered.
  • When shipment volumes are high and packages are processed in bulk, the first scan of the package can be done upon arrival at a regional warehouse near the final destination. Until the first scan, the courier cannot confirm receipt of the package.
  • Sometimes some shipments, such as B. Standard international mail, not trackable.
  • If the tracking number starts with "TBA", you should check the "Information about shipments shipped with Amazon" section.
    For double checking, you can still try to track your Amazon package on Ship24.
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