Understanding Type A and Type B Personality Types (2023)

Type A personality traits and Type B personality traits are completely different from each other. It is crucial that we recognize these qualities in order to get to know ourselves and others better.

There are four main personality types: type A, B, C, and D..However, Type A and Type B personalities are perhaps the most unique and contrasting personality types.Understanding how they work and what motivates them can help us better understand ourselves and form stronger relationships and interpersonal connections.

Origin of type A and type B personalities

Understanding Type A and Type B Personality Types (1)

Type A, B, C, and D personalities were introduced in the 1950s by cardiologists Meyer Friedman and Ray Rosenman. Researchers studied these personality types to understand how our personalities may serve as predictors of heart disease later in life.

An article in The Guardian explains that after 9 years of studying 3,000 healthy men, aged 35-59, researchers discovered that "certain patterns of behavior conferred increased risk, and a method was developed to categorize patients as type A or type B, or type AB (for those who have resisted easy categorization).

According to Rosenman and Friedman, people with Type A personality traits tend to be highly organized, ambitious, competitive, impatient, aggressive, controlling, hostile, and workaholic. While Type B personalities are laid-back, flexible, tolerant, emotionally expressive, explainable, less stressed, and have a more laid-back attitude.

However, type A and type Bpersonality hypothesisit's a bit more complex than that.The researchers found that Type A personalities are more likely to be at high risk for heart disease, while Type B personalities experience high levels of life satisfaction.

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Understanding Type A and Type B Personality Types (2)

Understanding the Type A Personality

The Type A personality refers to a "collection of behaviors', which includes a sense of urgency and aggressiveness in performing tasks. They like to control the people around them, the environment they are in, and their own lives. Although they may not be detail oriented, they are very goal oriented.

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This personality tends to be very practical and has a no-nonsense approach to finding solutions. These individuals tend to be dominant, enterprising, passionate, seek independence, are competitive, fast-paced, and good at multitasking.

However, they tend to be stubborn, impatient, short-tempered, intolerant, callous, and a workaholic. Also, they are usually motivated by challenges, opportunities, risks, success, leadership, and money. Because they are constantly motivated and determined to succeed, they can get stressed easily and are therefore more at risk.heart disease.

According toArticleonline health”,Having a type A personality often means that you find your time very valuable."One no longer concentrates only on concrete ideas and future tasks",You may also tend to criticize yourself, especially when you had to leave something unfinished or felt you didn't do a good job.

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Type A Personality Behavioral Traits

Although the specific characteristics of the Type A personality are not fully known, the following are some general characteristics of the Type A Behavior Pattern (TABP).

1. Urgency of time and impatience

This personality type constantly experiences a sense of urgency.Since they are very impatient, they are always racing against the clock to get something done. They tend to be upset and frustrated when waiting for something and are constantly aware of time.

Saul Mcleod, a teaching assistant in psychology and a published researcher in the Department of Neuroscience and Experimental Psychology at the University of Manchester, writes: "They quickly become impatient with delays and downtime, plan schedules too precisely, and try to do more than one thing at a time.

2. Aggression and hostility

These people are often easily angered and may respond aggressively when frustrated, disappointed, or impatient.Author and Wellness Coach Elizabeth Scott, MSexplainedFloating hostility or aggressiveness, manifested as impatience, rudeness, easy arousal over trifles, or a brief fuse.

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Saul declares "Such individuals tend to see the worst in others and display anger, envy, and a lack of compassion.“Aggression and hostility are the main factors that increase your chances of developing heart disease.

3. Competitiveness

Type A people feel that they need to be successful in everything they do, whether it is in their careers or in their relationships.They are self-critical and highly competitive, pursuing their goals with a strong focus on results rather than enjoying the process or its achievements. According to Saul, they too suffer from a major imbalance in life.

He adds"This is characterized by a high workload. Type A people are easily teased and tend to overreact. They are also prone to high blood pressure (hypertension).“

Other than that, the Type A personality possesses specific physical traits that can be a result of their behavior, attitude, way of thinking, and the high level of stress they experience.These physical characteristics include:

  • Facial tension like frowning, clenched jaw, tight lips, etc.
  • dark circles under the eyes
  • Grinding the teeth or clicking the tongue

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Understanding the type B personality

People with this personality type tend to be energetic, outgoing, more laid back, imaginative, and creative.They like to lead an active social life, as they like to be around others and get their attention.

Type B personalities are easy to like and can form strong personal connections and relationships as a result. They like to be admired, recognized, praised and applauded for their achievements.

Researcher Saul Mcleod explains “People with type B personalities tend to be more tolerant of others, are more laid back' as a Type A personality. He adds thatthey tend to "they are more reflective, experience less anxiety, and show higher levels of imagination and creativity.

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Author and educational consultant Kendra Cherry, MS, explains: “People with a Type B personality are often described as easy-going, laid-back, and very flexible. The Type B personality is basically the opposite of Type A. Where people with a Type Athe personality is meticulous; Type B people tend to take a much calmer and carefree approach..

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Type B personality traits

People with type B personalities possess certain strengths that allow them to live more fulfilling lives than type A people. Some of its strengths are:

  • charismatic
  • Creative
  • Flexible
  • laid back attitude
  • adaptability to changes
  • Self-confident
  • Freundlich
  • inspiring
  • Enthusiastic
  • dreamer
  • guide people
  • fun loving and easy going
  • Friendly
  • Spontaneous
  • Carefree
  • Convincing

If you fall into this type of personality then it is very likely that you:

  • Get involved and invest a lot of timephilosophical thoughts and creative passions
  • Have a relaxed paceand do not rush to complete tasks and tasks
  • Don't get emotional or stresswhen things don't go as planned
  • have fun at workand focus more on the process than on the result
  • It doesn't matter if you lose and quitpossibly with competitive experiences
  • Likethink about ideas and conceptsin relation to their outer and inner world.

That's not to say that this personality type doesn't experience stress at all. Due to his mindset and attitude, the Type B personality experiences becomeless stressas a type A personality. In fact, these people find it relatively easier to deal with stress and anxiety.

However, there are certain flaws that type B personalities experience in life.Articlea HireSuccess.Some of the most common weaknesses of this personality type are self-centeredness, self-indulgence, impulsiveness, capriciousness, procrastination, unrealism, arrogance, and inattention.

Since these type B personalities are relationship oriented and outgoing, unlike the type A personality, they are easily seduced by factors such as recognition, acceptance, success, attention, appreciation, awards and certificates, etc. .

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Type A vs Type B Personality

Type A personalities tend to be workaholics and highly competitive, while Type B personalities are less competitive but more focused on enjoying their lives. "That doesn't mean Type B doesn't like to achieve something. They can work hard and be genuinely proud of their accomplishments, but they don't put the same stress on their results unless they rank first or achieve more, which Type A tends to cause significant stress.' writes wellness coach Elizabeth Scott, MS.

Another key difference between these two personality types is their ability to deal with stress.Type A people are more prone to stress due to their impatience and lack of time. However, Type B personalities are less prone to stress as they are more patient and laid back.Also, type A personalities tend to be proactive and sensitive, while type B people are creative and thoughtful.

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Less stress, more relaxation

Now that you have a clearer idea of ​​what a type A personality and a type B personality are, you can see that there are different aspects of these two personalities that make them diametrically opposed.

Educational consultant Kendra Cherry summarizes: “It's important to remember that the Type A/B approach is just one way of thinking about personality. This approach also tends to be a rather broad and imprecise way of classifying personality types.

Regardless of what type of personality you are, it is important to be successful and enjoy life at the same time.No matter what you prioritize, make sure you manage your stress properly and stay healthy to enjoy your success and your life.

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Understanding Type A and Type B Personality Types (3)
Understanding Type A and Type B Personality Types (4)


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